Friending Students on Facebook

By: Marcus Warden

Why it's good to friend teachers

Social media has been growing for a few years, and now it is one of the ways most people communicate with each other. Adding teachers is a great idea. Teachers can tell students to do some homework, or a student can ask the teacher for some homework that they missed or are currently working on. The teacher has the option to accept the friend request on Facebook, so they don't have to add a "bad" student.

Cons to Adding Teachers

There is always a con to something, and in this case, there are a few. If a teacher does add a "bad" student, they can say something mean or bad to the teacher. They might even do something inappropriate. Most teachers say that they will only add a student when they graduate. Most teachers don't want to see pictures of their students with friends doing dumb stuff. These are a few reasons why teachers shouldn't friend students.