By: Kourtney


  • In winter the inside of clouds can turn into ice crystals.
  • Precipitation-any kind of water that falls from the sky.
  • Adult plants die in the winter.
  • Sleat is ice that melted and turned back into ice.
  • Some places the ground freezes.


  • Equator-animainary line around the middle of the earth.
  • A tornadoe is a spinning tube of spinning air.
  • March 20th is the day of spring.
  • In the spring the seeds sprout and grow.
  • Trees grow leaves and buds during the spring.
  • There is more food for animals.
  • Birds most lay there eggs and they mostly hatch during sping.
  • Arbor day is the special day in sping when people plant trees.


  • During the summer some places wont get much rain.
  • Some lakes or streams or rivers might even dry up.
  • Drought-a long period of time with little or no rain.
  • A drought can cause promblems from many little things.
  • In alot of summers it will get hot and humid.


  • Fall and Autumn are in the middle of summer and Winter.
  • In the Fall the days are shorter than the Summer.
  • There are only a fewer hours of sunlight.
  • Fall starts the 22nd of September and end at December.
  • Many schools start in the Fall.
  • Halloween is in the Fall.
  • Some birds migrate and fly to warmer places.
  • Some tree's leaves change color and fall off so plants can save energy.