Speed Recruiting Wrap-up

Speed Recruiting ✔️

Hello BAP buddies,

We hope that over these past few days you all enjoyed getting to meet a handful of the many firms who hire from our campus. With both the career fair and speed recruiting out of the way the rest of this semester's recruiting should be easier on your feet!

If any firms stuck out to you as a place where you think might want to intern/work then I recommend you follow up with them and send a 'thank you/nice to meet you' email in the next couple of days. Also be aware that some firms will have you apply for a position on Handshake, others may have you apply on their own website, and some may require both!

Next week 9/22 we will have RSM coming back on campus to present in chapter to you guys. Please arrive around 6:15pm so we'll have time to snack and chat with representatives from other firms who will be attending the presentation. Jennifer will reach out to you all once she has paired you guys up with the other firms who will be attending.

BAP Peer Mentorship

If in 8/25's wrap-up survey you expressed interest in receiving a BAP mentor he or she should have reached out to you by now. If you haven't heard from your mentor reach out to me and we'll make sure they have your (correct) contact info!

This is our first time doing a peer mentorship program within BAP so the experience will by and large be what you make of it. All of the mentors that have signed up to meet with you guys are excited to answer your questions and invest in you as young professionals!

Ice Dawgs Date Night!

BAP will be doing it's first ever date night with another Terry organization, Pi Sigma Epsilon. PSE is a marketing, management, and sales fraternity on campus who have invited us to watch the Ice Dawgs play on November 4th. The game is at 7:30pm though we will likely meet up beforehand to network and hang out! We'd love for everyone to make it to this fun, ~casual~ event!

Click here to RSVP!! <----------------------------------------


Have a great weekend and let me know if you have any questions!


Michael Browning