AP English 4-5 IRP Jessa Wells


In the novel Catch-22 Joseph Heller starts off Yossarian's tale in the hospital which differed from the movie that started off his tale at the scene of his stabbing. Mike Nichols, the director, and Joseph Heller, though they had similar styles of telling the story, they emphasized specific scenes in different manners. Both men told the story by jumping around from scene to scene, they did this to show the moments that changed Yossarian's life the most. For example, Snowden's death was a turning point for Yossarian, you realized this because of the author and director habitually bringing us back to the moment in which it happened.


In the movie version of Catch-22 the director focuses on Yossarian and his individual case more than he does on the conflict around them and the other members in the story. This is a different case in the novel version where the author goes into the personal stories of other individuals that had some part in the tale and developed relationships between them.

Significant Things

Important Moments

Chapter 1

In the novel the opening scene is with Yossarian in the hospital. In this scene he discusses hos reason for disliking the war, his tricks for staying out, and how he thinks everyone including himself is "crazy". This scene sets the tone for the rest of the novel, it sets one that is humorous even in very intense moments. This scene also starts to develop the underlining problem which is Yossarian's mental health and how it affects him.


Author: Joseph Heller, written in 1961.

Director: Mike Nichols, made in 1970.