Mrs. Miskelley's Dream Team News

February 8, 2016

Food for Thought....

"We learn…

10% of what we read

20% of what we hear

30% of what we see

50% of what we both hear and see

70% of what is discussed

80% of what we experience personally

95 % of what we teach to someone else"

William Glasser

Important Dates

February 9 - Field Trip to Alabama Theater

Please make sure your child wears his/her class field trip shirt. We will return to school before 12:00 so there will be no need to make any special arrangements for lunch.

February 11 - Valentine’s Day Party- Don’t forget your cards!

February 15 - President's Day - School closed


1) *The Twitter account of @TCSElprincipal will give you up to minute information from our elementary school. We hope this helps in our efforts to communicate with you in a timely manner.

2) Boxtops for Education are due this week. Be sure to send in as many as you can.

3) Homework should never take more than 20 minutes. The fluency passage and phonics sheet should approx. 3 minutes each.

Good Citizen

Zachary is our MVP this week.

He is such an amazing young man.

He is our last student to be selected as

Good Citizen, and he's receiving a special

treat for his patience and positive attitude.

Weekly Learning

Writing: We are continuing our work with expository writing. The students are learning that this type of writing is used to inform or teach. This week, each student will write a book about mammals. (RI 1.7, 1.9, 1.10, W. 1.2, 1.7, 1.8)

Reading: In reading we’ll be working on how to figure out what’s important to know when reading a nonfiction book. When a student focuses on what’s important- he will be deciding what is worthy to be remembered. This is such a difficult skill to master- but it is so important. My goal is to teach kids to ask questions and to have conversations regarding how they decide what’s important or not important. You can help by reading and talking about non-fiction books that your child reads for homework.

(RI 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6)

Math: In addition to basic memorization of math facts, the students are focusing on thinking and understanding real-world math problems. No matter how well your child can do calculations, this ability is not very useful if he/she doesn’t understand how or when to use particular math skills. We solve word problems every day during class. Be sure to go over word problems that you see in your child’s test papers or class work that comes home each week. Remind your child the importance of drawing out the problem in a picture and then using the picture to find the answer. (1.OA. A.2, B.3, B.4, C.5, C.6)

Trussville City Schools- Mission Statement

The mission of Trussville City Schools is to educate all students using high standards in a safe,nurturing environment fostering academic and career competencies that prepare them to be productive citizens.

Our vision is to help students move forward on a positive path toward college and career readiness.