Mountain Lions Tech Tuesday

Recap and Ideas from Conversations with the Team


Data Heads

Kids should be responsible & aware of their own data/progress.

Students have portfolios to keep track.

Types of data to track:

  • Homework
  • End of Unit Assessment
  • Classwork

Tracking as an individual student for personal reference.

Use Google Drive as a student portfolio.

Use Google Forms for prompting meta-cognitive thinking.


Fab 5

Notes from meeting:

Set teachers up on student domain of Google Drive

  • Classroom Management is a challenge when there are many inconsistent technical variables. They do their diligence; however, so many technical problems conflict with time needed for instruction. Kathy will look further into these errors.
  • Constant hardware problems are impeding progress.
  • Lesson Planning with Drop Down Menus (Kathy requested a copy of this for future conversation and planning support).