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Beautiful Sun and Great People!

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Liberia has no amusement parks like most countries but it does have great sites and really awesome hang outs.

Miss Liberia

Liberia has many women who participate in beauty pageants to get their country more publicity.

Animals In Liberia?

Many people have asked if there are any strange looking animals in Liberia and there actually is! There is the Liberian Mongoose, Viviparous Toad, and even a cute Zebra Duiker! Part Zebra part Deer!
Visit Liberia!

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  • February 11 Armed Forces Day
  • March 13 Decoration Day
  • March 15 J.J. Robert's Birthday
  • April 12 Friday Fast and Prayer Day
  • May 14 Tuesday National Unification Day

  • July 26 Independence Day
  • August 24 Flag Day