Salem's Lot

Stephen King

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Ben Mears, is a writer that returns to his home town in Maine, Jerusalem's lot after being gone for twenty five years . He begins to write a book about the Marsten house, a place where he saw the ghost of a man that was killed by his wife. He was very young when this event occurred; therefore it frightened him badly. Danny Glick , the towns first vampire infects other town residents including his mother. After a short amount of time most of the towns people are infected. A group of citizens including Ben Mears attempt to the stop the spread of vampires by killing Barlow, the master vampire. Barlow kills most of the people Mears was fighting with. Eventually Ben Mears and Mark Petrie destroy Barlow but they are forced to leave the vampire infested town.

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The cross symbolizes the resistence against the vampires.

Backroung information

Salem's lot is a fictional horror novel. It was Stephen Kings second published novel. It was written in 1975.

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This is the Marsten house where Ben Mears had a bad experiance when he was young.