Bleachers written by: John Grisham

Flyer by: Ryan Kaminski

About the Author

John Grisham was born February 8, 1955. He is currently a lawyer, politician, and author. Grisham is married to Renee Grisham and has 2 children, Shea and Ty Grisham. Grisham is better known for his legal thrillers. He has written over 30 books in his career and has had a few made into movies.

Bleachers Summary

The book Bleachers is in sections. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The story takes place in the fictional small town of Messina, in 2002. The coach of the towns football team is sadly dying. the star quarterback Neely Crenshaw has returned after fifteen years. Soon more and more players from the past come to the town and wait for Rakes death. soon Neely has memories coming back to him. Neely begins to visit players around the town and starts to find out about the town after he left. soon the team starts to hang out and remember the good and bad times wit coach Rake. The coach dies and that Friday the whole entire town is closed. the whole entire town comes to grieve. Three players are to make three eulogies. Neely is one of them. he talks about how coach was always pushing him to keep going, Rake taught you never to quit.


Eddie Rake

Eddie Rake is one of the main characters. Everyone is around because of Rakes death. Rake has heavily impacted the lives of the all the players he has coached. whether you loved him or hated him he affected your live in a big way.