June 29, 2018

EXPLORE Session #1 Almost Over

Four weeks of the first session has flown by. Time to consider what to do to close down session #1 and prepare for session #2. The information below is for principals and secretaries.

Classroom/Site Close Out


Classrooms and sites used for Explore should be reset at the end of each session. Please return all items/furniture back to their original places prior to leaving. Both teachers and site administrators should inventory (item description, classroom number, session number, etc.) any items damaged or broken during Explore. Explore Session 1 administrators, please pass this inventory along to Session 2 administrators. Session 2 administrators, please start/add to the inventory any items damaged or broken during Session 2. Session 2 administrators, submit a hard copy of this inventory via the blue bag to Dana Hubbard at the Explore/Records Office.

Drill Log Submission

Copies of the drill sheets should be emailed to spsdispatch@spsmail.org at the end of each session.

External Teacher Devices

External Hires who have checked out a Chromebook for use as their staff device:

  • Should turn those in to the summer office at their location AND

  • Place a work order by calling the Help Desk at 523-HELP for those to be picked up

  • Keep the device if they are teaching in July

  • Call the Help Desk with any questions

Site Keys

Please return your site keys to the Explore office at the Bentley building at the end of your session. Second session principals will need to pick up site keys that have been issued specifically to them.


Leftover curriculum and general supplies will stay at the site in an area designated by the Explore site administrator. Leftover Session 1 supplies may be used during Session 2. Once Explore has concluded, any leftover supplies will stay at the host site and will be absorbed into their regular school year supplies.


  • SECRETARY BINDERS: If you are not working session # 2 please leave the secretary binder at your desk for the next individual working. If you need replacement pages for ones that have been used send an EXPLORE ticket in requesting the new page (s).
  • PAYROLL: In order for payroll to be processed the following must be sent to the Payroll Office at KAC on the final day of the session.
1. Staff Attendance Verification Sheet for the final week.

2. Approved hourly employee time sheets for the entire session.

3. Substitute sign in sheets (1+) for the entire session.

These items can be scanned and emailed to explorepayroll@spsmail.org, faxed to 417 895-2007 attention Payroll or be brought directly to the Payroll Office at KAC. IF you choose to deliver hard copies to the Payroll Office, please put all hard copy payroll documents in a "SITE" packet envelop so as to avoid loss of paperwork.


As of June 26, 2018, the EXPLORE/Records Office has addressed in excess of 950 tickets in three weeks. The data we are gather from these requests for assistance will inform our future training.

A BIG THANK YOU to the secretaries and principals who have utilized this system for quick efficient and timely service. Your willingness to provide sufficient information allows us to process quickly for you.

We especially appreciate when a site is asking for a student to be dropped from a class to have the student name, student # and whether or not they have ever attended a session OR the last day they attended. You have made it easy peasy for us to help you.

Our job is to make your job easier!!!

Looking forward to serving you during EXPLORE session 2.


eSchool training is being held for staff members who have not worked during session #1 of EXPLORE. See the schedule below:


On Tuesday July 2, 2018, training for Session #2 secretaries will be held at the Rosanne Bentley Building located at 1610 E. Sunshine. Times run from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Parking in available behind the building.


Administrative training for discipline for principals will be held on Tuesday July 2, 2018 at the Rosanne Bentley Building, 1610 E. Sunshine, from 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. Parking is available behind the building.

2018-2019 Secretary Calendar for 2018-2019

Follow the link below to view the Work Calendars. Many of our regular school year secretaries also work during EXPLORE. We thought you might like the information about the 2018-2019 Work Calendars.

Fun Facts about the Fourth of July

Did you know?

  • Three former US Presidents died on the 4th of July. They were John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died the same day and year (July 4, 1826)
  • The 2017 Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Winners were Joey Chestnut who ate 72 hot dogs and Miki Sudo who ate 41 hot dogs in the 10 minutes given in the contest.
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  • 150 million hot dogs are consumed on July 4th in the United States.
  • The 4th of July was not declared a paid Federal Holiday until 1938.

Knock, Knock!

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Have a safe and happy 4th!

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