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As we all settle in for another year, I wanted to take the time to introduce you to the library! In the past, I may have sent an email--perhaps changing the font to something that would catch your eye and hold your attention. Now, I am bringing out the big guns and sending you this newsletter. If color, pictures, and energetic fonts don't win you over, I guess nothing will!!

Who's Who: GHS Library Media Center Staff

Robin Sherman

Library Secretary

Phone: 1264

GHS Library Website and QR Code!

If you have not yet visited the GHS Library Website, you can either click HERE or you can use the nifty QR code below. If you have never used a QR code reader--you need to join the fun. Just download a free reader like QR Droid to your phone and let the fun begin!!
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New Chromebook Cart

I just want to remind you about the new cart of Chromebooks we have for classroom use. As the District makes the move towards Google, they are supporting it with increased Chromebook purchases. Going by the wayside are the traditional ways of "coming to the computer lab" to work. The new way is having the lab come to your room. Teachers are seeing much more productivity, order, speed, and focus from students when they are able to research in their classroom setting. If you would like to check out the cart for the day, email Jean Neumann or stop by the library to sign up. We have no calendar online yet because Jean is scared. Give it some time, though.

Technology Troubleshooting: Library or Tech Department?

The more technology we have, the more questions you are likely to have. Though the Tech Department is located in the library, we eat different foods, listen to different music, and answer different questions for teachers and students. Here is a list of possible problems and who to contact if issues arise.

Who's who and phone numbers:

Technology Office: Nick, Jim, and Justin Call 1501

Audio Visual Department: Rhonda Call 1502

Library: Jeff, Jean, and Robin Call 1504

Troubleshooting Contact Guide

  • Things that are blocked - Tech Department
  • Computer Hardware or software issues - Tech Department
  • Teacher Laptop issues - Tech Department
  • I-Pad issues - Tech Department
  • Anything with Google Accounts - Tech Department
  • Novell Login issues - Tech Department
  • Database Passwords or Databases not working - Library
  • Student password issues for Novell (forgotten passwords) - Library
  • Skyward logins - Library or Guidance
  • Projector or Smartboard Problems - AV Department- Rhonda Rhoades

Independent Reading is Alive and Well at GHS

One of my main goals when I arrived here many years ago, was to initiate a strong independent reading program. With the great cooperation of the English Department, we now have a reading program that is the envy of the entire State (approximation, but close enough).

Here is some proof:

  • In each of the past 5 years, we have averaged over 12,000 books circulated each year
  • This year alone, we checked out nearly 1,000 books to English classes in the first week!
  • We average 10-20 checkouts per morning before school begins

You can add to this great culture of reading at GHS by promoting your own personal reading books and by asking kids about what they are reading. They also really love your reading suggestions!

Online Resources

Not a whole lot has changed in the databases we subscribe to, so you can count on the menu of usual favorites like SIRS and Opposing Viewpoints. Just a reminder that all of the resources can be found on the GHS Library Webpage, and if you need passwords for home use, they are in a pulldown from the "online resources" tag in the left column.

As for video streaming, we will continue to subscribe to NBC Learn and Safari Montage. If you need a refresher in how to use these resources, or you're not sure what they are, let me know and I will give you the rundown.

Cool Things for you

I figured I should throw some candy at you--everyone is looking for things to spice up their job. This newsletter format, for example is done through SMORE. Check out SMORE--you can do a free basic account or pay for an educator version. It is a tool that is great for newsletter and flyers and such.

Another tool worth checking out is Kahoot. Kahoot is an online quiz program where the teacher creates a quiz, puts it online and on the board in front of the room, and the class can provide answers from their phones(or Chromebooks) to be seen by all in real time. I used it in my summer school speech class as a prediscussion activity, and it worked out great. Play around with it and have fun!