Crises in America

Kat - Period 3

James Brown

The crisis is that once Martin Luther King Jr. was shot, it affected a lot of people and so the community wanted to start a riot. James Brown stopped it by performing a concert. By performing the concert, he saved Boston. He saved Boston because if he didn't have the concert, people would have continued to go on with their plan of rioting. James Brown changed their minds and saved Boston.


James Brown - Try Me by user3384747
James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968)

James Byrd

The crisis of James Byrd is that those three men basically tortured him to death. All because of his skin color. In "The Two Towns of Jasper" movie, one of the police officers said that he was hoping that it was a black person who killed James Byrd because if it was a black person, this crime wouldn't cause as many problems. Since it was a white person, racism and everything started to affect more and more people, especially the blacks.
Family remembers James Byrd 15 years after his death

Essential Question: What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

In "The Two Towns of Jasper" movie, the community took down the fence that separated the cemetery of the blacks from the whites. The three attackers didn't get away without any punishment; Brewer got executed, Berry got a life sentence in prison, and King currently sits in death row. After this horrible crime, the whites and blacks started to accept each other more and they even began to go to the same church.

In the James Brown documentary, after Martin Luther King got shot, the community was affected emotionally by it and wanted to start a riot. In order for James Brown to stop the community from rioting, he performed a concert that everyone went to instead of rioting. The concert changed their minds and changed their actions. Therefore, James Brown saved Boston.

Five question answers

1.) What does the white/black fence represent that split the blacks from the whites? (1998) -Color Lines Clearly Drawn

2.) What was going on between both movies (the crises/crimes)? -Race Relations

3.) What was the hardest thing to do when Martin Luther King Jr. died? -The Healing Affect

4.) What is it that came together in both movies that changed for the better? -Community

5.) In the documentaries "The Two Towns of Jasper" and "The Night James Brown Saved Boston" what was the main cause that led to both crises? -Segregation

6.) What was the reason why many people disagreed about racism in "The Night James Brown saved Boston" of that time period? -Race Relations