Unit 2 Week 6

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Unit 2 Assessment

This week our class will be focusing again on the important skills covered during the last five weeks in Unit 2. The goal of each unit assessment is to evaluate student mastery of previously taught material. The expectation is for students to score 80% or higher on the assessment as a whole.

There will NOT be a Word Work Skill Sheet this week - no vocabulary list nor spelling list.

Poetry Workshop

This week during the language arts block students will participate in a poetry workshop -

Unit Objectives

Student writers will:

  • read a collection of poems

  • write poetry
  • apply a variety of craft strategies and structures to bring out the meaning and emotion conveyed in poems
  • effectively execute several steps of the writing process using technology — drafting, revising, editing, and publishing their work.

  • acquire writing strategies that can be generalized across the genres.

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Poetry Practice

Students may study poetry terms, types of poetry, and figurative language on Quizlet.