Articles of confederation

Maria M

What were the articles of confederation about?

they were Americans first goverment. They were made to be weak because the america did not want another king. The states had all of power.

The strengths of the article

Passed the north west ordinance. Tears of Paris 1785. Very power navy could hire merge arise negotied the treaty of Paris of the end of the war.

Weaknesses of the article

Lacked power to enforce laws. Lacked power to levy taxes lack power to regulate they had no money $ no respect.

North west Ordinance of 1787

Territory claimed area of land. ordinance a rule or a law. admitting to add or let in. Expansion to increase in size.

Shay's rebellion effects positive and negative that came from it

Farmers want help from government $$$. 90% of Americans were farmers. farmers were going into debit/losing farms under a of c government has no $ can't collect taxes