Digital Citizenship Project

Jaden E P.6

Rule 1: Digital Etiquette

Don't be a jerk because you are on the internet: don't do things you would not normally do on the internet because people still know who you are.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Don't click on random ads: these ads could be filled with viruses and scams i have learned the hard way

Rule 3: Social Networking

Don't talk or befriend people you don't know: they could say they are 13 when they are really 40

Rule 4: Online Safety

Don't share your personal information: the people you are giving your information to could not be who they say they are

Rule 5: Cyber bullying

Don't let what a bully said bother you: they said that to you too make you mad so don't let them

Rule 6: Plagiarism

Don't copy information unless you mention who you got it from

Rule 7: Copyright

Don't copy things that other people made: that is theirs that they made so don't copy and paste that is plagiarism

Sum It Up

Digital citizenship is very important from being kind to staying away from hackers. Digital citizenship means to behave on the internet and do to what you know you are aloud to do. Don't click on suspicions ads that say you are getting free stuff