Jr. Strategist and Researcher

Synthesis Corp.

Full-Time Position

Synthesis Corp seeks a Jr. Strategist and Researcher who thrives in a fast-paced office culture. Duties will include project management, lead generation, deep research for corporate and non-profit clients, CEO book research, and some basic administrative functions, such as invoice and database management. As with any small company, you'll be expected to wear a number of different hats and step up to help our small office run smoothly when the occasion calls for it. We are a growing company with a start-up ethos, so flexibility is key. The ability to stay cool during an information onrush is also essential.

The right candidate will be organized, passionate, unquenchably curious, and optimistic by nature. You'll be a voracious reader of Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, the Atlantic, and other similar publications. You subscribe to more RSS feeds than you know what to do with. You are a social web native, and you dream about corporate strategy+innovation.

At Synthesis, we want our work to matter, not only to our clients, not only to the world at large, but to our employees as well. So being passionate about social issues is an absolute MUST. You simply won't thrive here otherwise.

Candidates with three years of experience in the fields of business, sustainability, graphic design, computer science, economics, public policy, urbanism, sociology, and anthropology are encouraged to apply. Though hopefully your skill-set is cross-disciplinary.

Please send a cover-letter and resume to ari.wallach[at]synthesiscorp[dot]com.

Attention to detail is a must. Please use subject line "2x4a - Synthesis Corp."

Answer the following three questions in the body of your email:

1. Which social innovator alive today do you most admire? Why?
2. What is one emerging cultural trend that will change the world in
the next 10-15 years.
3. Which company or non-profit do you most admire? Why?