March 9, 2018

Weekly Reminders

  • The Forest Glen PTO would like to thank Marco’s Pizza (Howard) for supporting our Third Thursday fundraiser on March 15th! Please mention Forest Glen when ordering and 15% of your purchase will be donated back to the school!
  • I am working on reassessing reading levels. I will send home a sheet with your child's new reading level either this week or next week. Please note that your child will not receive new guided reading books to read these next 2 weeks. Continue to read books you have at home with your child.
  • Timbertail Day is Tuesday!
  • We will be having Show and Share for all students on Wednesday!

Weekly Activities

  • In Language Arts this week we used some of our time to work on our "Weather Logbooks" which focused on understanding how weather fits into different seasons and what kinds of things I might see outside for weather. We also talked about how we should dress for each type of weather!
  • In math we began looking at partners of 10 in a different way. We looked at ten as a group and used our "break apart sticks" to make two different sets of numbers for ten. We also practiced story problems. We told them to partners and we solved them as a whole group! The important thing is that the boys and girls can explain how they came up with the answer they had. I tell them all the time, its okay if you came up with the wrong answer as long as we can see your work and talk about where the mistake came from.
  • In writing we continue to talk about "How-To" writing. This week we focused on writers can make collections of stories. For example an author can write a collection of books about sports or a collections of books about how to clean your house. We also know that we should be looking for ideas of what to write about in our daily lives. If I learn how to make a new snack, I can write about it!!