December 8, 2017

Holiday Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 19th, 5:30pm

2710 Lineville Road

Green Bay, WI

The Kindergarten Holiday Concert will be at Bay Port at 5:30. Please have your child there by 5:20 so they can go to the assigned area to get ready for the concert. Each family is being asked to bring in a dozen cookies for the cookie social in the commons after the concert!

Christmas Wrappers

We will be shopping for the family we collected money for. We are in need of parents who could come and wrap up the presents we get! We also need donations of wrapping paper and tags! Anything would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

Christmas Village

Next week we will begin assembling our part of the Christmas Village. We are in charge of the "Post Office". If you have any cotton or batting to decorate the post office with "snow" please contact me!

Weekly Reminders

  • We will have our first grade level rehearsal for the concert on Wednesday morning! They are getting so excited for all of you to hear their amazing holiday songs!!
  • I am working on reassessing running records. I will send home a sheet with your child's new reading level either this week or next week. If you don't receive a sheet you can assume your child's reading level has stayed the same at this time.

Weekly Activities

  • In Language Arts this week we talked about the "sh", "th" and "ch" sounds. We are working on using them better in our writing. We also talked a lot about Santa. We read a story about Santa getting stuck in the chimney and what we would do to get him unstuck!
  • In math we continued to practice adding and subtracting by using story problems, adding dice, and using objects to represent the amount. We are learning how to talk about how we solved the problems. This is called math talk and can be very tricky. Many times when given a math problem like 9+1 the girls and boys will say 10 and when you ask how they know that they will respond with "I just know it". Then we talk about how to prove we know it. That's when you can get kids to say things like "one more than 9 is 10" or "If I have 9 fingers up and I put one more up, then I will have 10". Explaining how they got to the answer is even more important than actually getting the answer correct! Try using "math talk" at home with your child!
  • In writing we are working how to make our writing easy to read for others. We focused on using vowels in our writing. We also know that we have to use all of our sounds when writing. Using our writing partners to read our work is also a good way to see if our writing is readable to others!!