Samsung in Pakistan

Samsung in Pakistan

The Best Mobile Phones from Samsung in Pakistan

When it comes to buy the mobile phones then Samsung is the obvious choice. The innovative technologies they implement in their cell phones keeps them apart from other mobile phone manufacturers. If you want to enjoy latest mobile phone technologies, better performance, longer battery life and affordability then Samsung Pakistan should be your final destination. During some recent years, Samsung in Pakistan is dominating the cell phone market with superb quality handsets and attractive designs.

If you are thinking to purchase a Samsung mobile phone and wondering about the best Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan then read this article. Here you will find the quite useful information you need.

Best Samsung Pakistan Mobile Phones in the View of Affordability

If you want to buy a Samsung mobile phone and your budget doesn’t allow you for high end smartphones then here are the options you can choose from. Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 offers the most affordable Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan. It costs approx 8,500 PKR and comes with almost all the functionality you can expect from a good smartphone such as the processor of 832 MHz speed and 3 inches display. It is especially designed for social networking purpose and that’s why it doesn’t have a front cam. However, a 2 MP back camera is available for good photo shooting.

If you are not satisfied with this phone then you can choose Samsung Galaxy Star S5282 (price approx 8K PKR), Samsung S3850 Corby II (price 9K PKR), Galaxy Pocket S5300 (price 9500 PKR) or Galaxy Music Duos (price approx 10K PKR).

Best Samsung in Pakistan mobile Phones in the View of Technology

If you are a technology freak and don’t compromise on quality then here are some good Samsung cell phones for you.

The best bet is Samsung Galaxy Note III. It covers 2G, 3G and 4G networks and offers the high end technologies like S Pen Stylus, WLAN, NFC, 13 MP rear and 2 MP front camera, Chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, Quad core processor, LTE, S-voice etc. It’s like you are carrying a small PC with you. It satisfies all your PC needs like gaming, chatting, emailing, document editing etc. It costs around 66,000 PKR and therefore it’s not in the reach of every person.

In case, you need somewhat low priced mobile phone as compared to Note III then you can opt for Samsung Galaxy Grand (Model – I9082 Dual SIM, Price – 33,000 PKR) or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Model – I9190, Price – 41,000 PKR).