Brown Tree Snake

By: O'Hodge Garvin

Scientific Name:

Boiga irregularis

Native To:

The Brown Tree Snake is native to Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the North Coast of Australia

Date introduced to the U.S.:

First detected in Guam in the 1950s

How was it introduced into the U.S.:

Accidentally in an imported cargo

Impact (Problems):

The brown tree snake is responsible for an incredible decline in Guam's biodiversity. Over the past two decades, this predator has caused the disappearance of nearly all of the native forest birds on Guam, including the extinction of the Guam rail and the Micronesian kingfisher.


They have tried to decrease of this snake by barriers, traps with bait, biological control, pathogens, and chemicals

Where is it located at today?:

Brown tree snakes come from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and both the northern and eastern regions of Australia. As a mishap, brown tree snakes were also brought into Guam, which is a United States remote island territory.