The Dust Bowl Again?

The Dust Bowl started as just a little wind being carried to sea. “More soil was lost by wind erosion than the Mississippi carried to the sea.” ( The reason the dust bowl occurred was because of the mixture of poor land and a severe drought. “It was the combination of drought and poor land use practice that created the environmental disaster.” ( Dry land took over America and was one of many reasons the dust bowl happened.

The Dust Bowl is continuing as a sequel. More troubles and sadness is on its way to America once again. “The effects of these dry times have come in many forms: The costs of agricultural products, including beef and corn, and the food products derived from them have risen.” (Smithsonian). Lakes and lad both are drying up at a fast pace. “Alas, while natural prairie grasses can survive a drought the wheat that was planted could not and, when the precipitation fell, it shriveled and died exposing bare earth to the winds.” (Columbia .edu) Crops will start to wither and winds will pick up the dust to create a tornado like weather.

My plan of action would be to water and get more minerals into the dirt so that we can plant more crops or some type of plant. “We can address this by returning minerals to the soil just as the earth does. The natural formation of soil occurs through the recycling of organic matter, the crushing of rocks onto the earth's soil mantle by glaciers, and volcanic eruptions that add minerals to the soil. We can add these minerals back ourselves and create fertile soils." ( By doing this, it will add more nutrients so that the plants will grow better and will hold down dried dirt so there is no drought possible to cause a dust storm. Not only will it help soil, but it will help the economy by bringing more food into the stores and houses in case it does happen again.

this is a picture of a young mother in the great depression.