The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank


Anne Frank is a young Jews girl who moved to the Netherlands with her family when the Nazis occupied Germany. The story begins after her thirteenth birthday and ends shortly after her fifteenth birthday. Ann begins the diary with description of friends and crushes she had. The Frank family moved to the Netherlands shortly before the world two begins. The Frank family was forced to move to a secret hiding because the authority requested for Margret, Anne's sister, to be sent to a concentration camp in Germany . The family lived in the secret Annex with the Van Dan's family and later a man name Dussel, who is in his mid 40's, Joined them. The family was arrested in 1945 where they were sent to different camps; they all died but the only survivor was Otto Frank- Ann's father. He published the book in 1947 after the war.
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Author's Purpose

To inform: the diary informed me of how Jews had suffered in Europe during World War II, especially in Germany under the Nazis government. "Our freedom was severely restricted by a series of anti-Jewish decrees: Jews were required to wear a yellow star; Jews were required to turn in their bicycles...etc." (8). It also informed me how one can be treated from flu traditionally by inhaling steam under a piece of blanket.

Three Concepts


B: War

C: Race Discrimination

Greatest Impression

" love is understanding someone,caring for him sharing his joys and sorrow." (202) Ann Frank didn't

Book rating

I would rate this book a 4. This a good book for anyone who likes history . Anne's record of events and significant things about BBC opinion to the war are interesting. Also, different facts from the war like how Germany takes over some parts of Europe at different times. This would be a good book for people who like reading diaries.

Passage # 1

Pages 103-104

This passage show how proud the family was. The family composed poems for Anne's birthday. They were happy to live in the hiding ; not being caught by the soldiers like other Jews that were arrested. Also, the family was devoted Christians; they celebrated holidays such as Hanukkah and Christmas in the Annex.

Passage # 2

Pages 158-159

This passage show how Ann feels about her mother. Ann really had a tough time thinking about how she deserves better than being insulted by her mother. She decided to control her anger in front of her so that she wouldn't hurt her mother,but instead she wrote her felling in her diary (Kitty).

Political And Cultural Issues This Book Raises

The book address political and cultural issues. The political issues was the cause and principles of the war. It also address a cultural issues mainly the persecution of Jews which was termed as the Holocaust. I connected with this book to a movie that I watched, The Secret Life of Bee. The movie also addressed some cultural issues like the fact that black Americans weren't given the right to vote. Also, black females were only allowed to work as maids and black men only worked on farm land and were segregated from white schools.