P-Tech Newsletter

Updates on our program and the different student events

Mentorship Day

We want to thank all of our industry partners and their staff, that have volunteered to be part of our mentorship experience here at P-Tech. Our students hand a wonderful day being able to connect with their mentors while having time to showcase a little bit about themselves. Students were excited to present their boards, as well as have some fun with exciting STEM challenges. Overall, it was a great opportunity for students to get to know their mentors and experience our culminating race with our Pinewood Derby Cars, that everyone enjoyed.

Here are a few words from one of our P-Tech students about their experience on Mentorship Day:

The day of our mentorship at P-TECH was very fun, exciting, and nerve-racking. It was an amazing experience because we got to meet our partners as well as new people that we're soon going to see all the progress that we as students made in P-TECH. This however made me very nervous because I have never done anything like this or similar too, but as the day progressed it got more exciting not only for us but for our mentors as well. Seeing their enjoyment of what we do in our school did make me feel proud as we presented our boards and all of our projects. This made me anxious as well, because of all the work we have done from our first day at P-TECH to the mentorship day, was finally going to be shown to crowds of people. This showcased what we do at our school, the skills we’ve learned, developed, and who we are in general. It was an overall amazing experience seeing our partners all here to see us as we present our work, projects, and activities.

Math Festival

On January 28, P-Tech students volunteered to teach students from grades 6-8 across the district, on fun ways to problem solve using Math. Students not only had to learn how to introduce the challenges, but they also had to be able to give directions as well as talk to other students about how to utilize their Math strategies. It was a wonderful event, in which students took n leadership roles as well as participated in an event that benefited the New Brunswick School District.

Video Conference

On January 8, 2020, our P-Tech female students had a video conference with Bianca Vasquez.

Bianca Vasquez is a mechanical engineering student at Santa Barbara City College and the Founder of the Society of Women in Space Exploration (SWISE). Bianca Vasquez shared about her struggles and experiences developing in the STEM field. She was able to connect with the girls on a variety of topics about keeping your self-identity, having confidence in yourself, and making sure their voice is heard. It was a great way to empower our young female students, and inspire them to pursue their dreams in a world full of possibilities.

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