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Skara Brae

Skara Brae is an old village from the stone age. You can see how the people lived back then and see their homes. There is a wonderfully presented replica house, showing you what the ancient buildings would have looked like when there were people living in them. You can wlak through the rooms that people were living in from around 3100BC-2600BC!

The Ring of Brodgar

The Ring of Brodgar is a beautiful ring of tall standing stones. It is fairly similar to Stone Henge in the fact that is was built in the stone age times and it is a huge arrangement of standing stones. It is a perfect circle, originally made up of 60 huge rocks but even though all the stones are still there, only 27 remain standing.


Maeshowe is a large tomb in the shape of a mound. The chambers are only 4.5 metres wide and 1.4 metres high and the passage is 14.5 metres long and lined with large stone slabs. You can see where the people would have been taken and how they would have been buried in the mound. There are also many other places in Orkney that are similar to this.

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