Write for Texas Region 13


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Math Sentence Stems

These sentence stems would work great as exit tickets!

Problem Solving Reflection

In order to understand _____, you need to know _________.

The strangest thing about this problem was __________.

I expected my answer to be ________, but it _____.

What I learned from this problem was __________.

This problem made me think about __________.

This problem is related to ________ because _______.

Article Resources

If you are looking for some great resources for fiction and nonfiction articles to use in class look at these two gems shared with my by a fellow Write for Texas coach, Syd Sexton. Here are Syd’s descriptions of the resources:

Actively Learn is a great resource for fiction and nonfiction pieces searchable by subject area and Lexile level. The pieces are stout with classic and contemporary longer works as well as varied and current articles making it easy to connect across the curriculum or to the real world. As you choose a piece, you can opt to view what questions other teachers have asked students about the text, whether as part of classroom discussion or in the form of a short response prompt. Here's the link:


Then, the Article of the Week found on Kelly Gallagher's site is another great source. He shares the articles he assigns for his students including questions or writing prompts for each one. Again, these will be very current topics adding to the real world nature of the discussions to follow reading. Some of his selections include opposing viewpoints or even graphics to accompany the print. Here's a link to his AoW listing: