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IFN President's Message

On behalf of the IFN Executive committee I wish a very happy Eid and EID MUBARAK to you all. May Allah SWT accept the Haj of all those who performed the Hajj this year and bring back safely all the Hujjaj including those from IFN.

Alhamdulillah we are blessed with a beautiful and diverse community and in fact this diversity is our strength. I am thankful to entire community for the trust and support you have shown in us and giving us a chance to serve you. I would like to draw your attention that we are living in a time where hate and racism is being injected and white supremacist terrorism is on the rise, please be vigilant and attentive in the shopping malls and other places outside and this is the time we should stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with our muslim brothers, sisters and fellow human beings and show the unity, love and respect among each other. We ask Allah SWT to bring the peace and the prosperity to entire ummah and the humanity and ease the sufferings of all those in Kashmir, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Burma, China, India and all other places.

Spiritual Parenting Program at IFN

We are so pleased to inform the IFN Community that Sister Ayesha Quadri presented a 5 session course on Spiritual Parenting at IFN ! The focus was on children from birth to age 13.This was held on Wednesday evenings so all moms and moms to be could benefit from this program.

Sr. Ayesha Quadri was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She attended the University of IL in Chicago and Argosy University. She earned her degree in Psychology with a focus in women's counseling. Currently, she is working towards completing the Alima Program, in which she has studied subjects such as Hadith, Quranic Tafseer, Arabic and more in Islamic Institutions since 2006. Since high school, she has been involved in many youth groups and activities and has taken an interest in establishing a connection with Muslim sisters. She conducts weekly women's halaqahs, youth lectures, children programs and teaches online. She currently lives in Milwaukee with her husband and four children.

MAKTAB Program by Imam Azfar

The Maktab Program led by Imam Azfar mixes fun with learning. Every other week there are activities done as a group. Some of the activities include a Bike Ride at Independence Grove, Swimming and Zip Lining

Post Fajr Jog With Imam Azfar

In the Summer, Imam Azfar created a weekly post Fajr jog team to help the community come for the Fajr prayer at the masjid after Ramadan. They cleaned the beach together, jogged together and had breakfast together.

Paint Night At IFN

Paint nights are a fun way to socialize, and have fun in a friendly and supportive environment. This was led by Sr. Wardah Arif for a sister's paint night at IFN on Monday, July 29th from 7pm to 9pm. This event was for for ages 15 and above. All skill levels were welcome.

Back To School Drive At IFN

Young Muslims Shayaan Shaikh and Amaan Rakhangi held a School Supply Drive By ICNA Relief from July 18-19. ICNA Relief holds a nationwide back to school drive in order to raise school supplies and funds for children in need. IFN set up a box at the masjid to raise these supplies. Thanks to our amazing volunteers #OneNationOne Cause.

The back to school campaign is all summer long. You can join their team at icnareleif.org/back2school

Young Muslims Midwest Retreat 2019 : Article Written By Amaan Rakhangi

Alhamdulilah YM Midwest Retreat took place this past month.

We had Young Muslims from all over the Midwest meet up at our very own IFN for departure. At the retreat, everyone was involved in activities such as swimming, canoeing, late-night bonfire talks, sessions led by our speakers Mufti Haroon and Sheikh Ibrahim, and many sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Frisbee, and much more! The bonfire talks and sessions were centered around "Holding on to the Rope of Allah" which was the Retreat theme for this year, inspired by the 103rd ayah of Surah Al' Imran. The amazing talks, the fun activities, and the overall environment allowed for a very enjoyable experience that brought us closer to Allah swt and also created brotherhood that will continue to develop for years to come inshallah!

BOT 2nd Quarter 2019 Update

Attached below are documents summarizing BOT activities for the second quarter of the year 2019 which ended June 30.


Family Day / Eid Bazaar At Libertyville Sports Complex

Family Day/Eid Bazaar was held on Saturday August 10th, 2019 at the Libertyville Sports Complex from 5pm to 10pm.

The Bazaar featured Food, Fashion Jewelry & Clothing, Arts & Crafts, Henna/Mehndi.Lots of fun activities for kids such as Rock Climbing, Moon Walks, Face-Painting/Balloons and Sports (Cricket, Volley Ball & Basketball) was also arranged.

Eid-Ul-Adha 2019

Community members in hundreds gathered at the Islamic Foundation North on August 11th to celebrate Eid. Eid-Ul-Adha is the second Islamic festival of the year. Eid al-Adha usually begins on the last day of the Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Every year Muslims gather in thousands for this festival to commemorate Ibrahim (Alayhis Salam's) willingness to sacrifice his son on the command of Allah SWT. Ibrahim(Alayhis Salam) was eventually given a lamb to sacrifice instead.

Eid Salah was held on Sunday August 11th, at the IFN Masjid in 3 Jamaats.

The 1st Jamaat at 7:00am was led by Imam Azfar Uddin

The 2nd Jamaat at 9:00am was led by Shaikh Farid Fahmy and

The 3rd Jamaat at 11:00 am was led by Br. Ahmed Amin

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Ladies swim night Organized By WAC

An evening of fun and recreation was organized by WAC Lead Sr. Loubna Kilioune just for girls and women. This was an opportunity for women and girls to have exclusive use of the pool. A ladies-only swim night where girls and Women enjoyed an evening of swimming and chatting with other girls and ladies in our community.

Al-Iman Saturday School Registration Day Announcement

Registration is now open for Al-Imam school. Please see the attached flyer for details.

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Al-Ihsan Academy Early Childhood Program

Al-Ihsan Academy Early Childhood Program at IFN is ready to start. Another class room was added to expand the capacity and fulfil the need of community. The academy has hired a full-time qualified Teacher and Teacher Assistant who are highly committed to students’ needs.

Since expansion of the class room capacity, more seats are available. If you are interested, please complete the registration form and send by email or drop in the IFN office to Ejaz Bhai with $250 deposit. Br. Ejaz can be reached at 847-532-2114 and qaziejazhasan@hotmail.com.

Important Dates

Saturday, Aug. 24, 209- Open House

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019 - Orientation day for parents

Friday, Sept. 6, 2019 - First day of attendance for students

Saturday, Sep. 14, 2019- Seed Money Contribution Event

For more information, please contact Ishaq Mohiuddin (703-663-0800) and

Zafeer Ahmad (847-400-4286)

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Registration and Start of Sunday School

Here are the important dates and events leading to the opening of the school on Sunday, September 8, 2019:

August 18 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm On-site Registration.

August 25 – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm On-site Registration

September 1 – Labor Day Holiday

September 8 – First day of Sunday School – School starts at 9:45 am.

Parents’ orientation (to start at 10:30 am)

MLFA with Linda Sarsour at IFN

Many community members were present at the Islamic Foundation North on August 18th to welcome our beloved Linda Sarsour and support the Muslim Legal Fund of America.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America envisions an America in which constitutional rights and liberties are upheld equally for all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or cultural heritage.

Linda Sarsour is an award-winning racial justice and American civil rights activist, and community organizer. She is a Palestinian-Muslim-American born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She is the former Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York and the co-founder of the first Muslim online organizing platform, MPower Change. Most recently, she was one of the national co-chairs of the largest single day protest in US history, the Women’s March on Washington. She has been named amongst 500 of the most influential Muslims in the world. She has won numerous awards including Champion of Change from the Obama Administration. She was recognized as one of Fortune’s 50 Greatest Leaders and featured as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2017.

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IFN Health Clinic News: Article Submitted By Sr.Nancy Romanchek

IFN Health Clinic News:

Patient visit numbers rose from 51 to 57 over the last 6 month period. Frequently seen encounter diagnosis’ continue to be hypertension and diabetes.

Volunteer Highlights:

The IFN Health Clinic says good-bye to Volunteer Scribe Ayesha Quraishi as she leaves for Medical School, with an interest in community-based primary care.

Ayesha has been a valuable team member of the IFN Health Clinic staff since 2018. A graduate of Lake Forest College (LFC), Ayesha studied Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and International Relations. Her service to the Muslim community is not limited to IFN. Ayesha has also been an active volunteer at the Muslim Women Resource Center in Rogers Park, serving refugees and immigrants in need, and at LFC. In 2018, Ayesha was recognized for her commitment to service and was awarded the prestigious Abraham Lincoln Civic Engagement Award.

Regarding her time at the IFN Health Clinic, Ayesha stated that witnessing the compassionate and culturally proficient care of the volunteer physicians was inspirational and validated her own interest in community health. Ayesha plans to continue her service to others at a Free Clinic through her Medical School and also internationally, in Afghanistan.

On behalf of the entire IFN Health Clinic Staff we say, “Thank you, Ayesha!”

Jazak Allah Kayran! May Allah continue to bless you with success in this life and the next!

2019-2020 High School Volunteers:

The IFN High School Volunteers have been busy training this summer in preparation for a new year in the IFN Health Clinic. American Heart Association Certification in CPR/AED and First Aid prepares the volunteers to be resources for other volunteers at IFN and to respond to emergencies if a sudden need should arise. Annual competency training now includes glucose monitoring, vital signs and other skills in anticipation of upcoming screenings.

Welcome 2019-2020 HS Volunteers!

Mariam Noor Ahmed

Nishath Hussaini

Sameeha Iqbal

Zaina Kagzi

Neema Salim

Zara Hasan

Alina Husain

IFN Community Health Assessment

Please check your snail mail for the bright green envelope! Complete the IFN Community Health Assessment survey and drop it in the mail in the stamped and addressed envelope provided.

Thank you to those of you who have already returned your survey!

Upcoming Events - Please Mark Your Calendars !!!

Interfaith Prayer Vigil For Peace

St Lawrence Church in Libertyville is inviting all IFN families for an Interfaith Prayer Vigil For Peace And Reconciliation In Response To The Human Crisis At The Border. The Prayer Vigil will be held at St Lawrence Church next Sunday evening, August 25, from 5:45-6:15 PM.

Self Defense Classes Winter Registration

Winter registration is now open for Self-defense classes at IFN for all age groups.
Please see the flyer attached and contact Najimu Sanada

(847) 406-7277 for any questions.


Community Update on Ethylene Oxide EtO

Ethylene Oxide is a toxic gas and tests show higher levels in the air of Lake County.

A community update regarding the Ethylene Oxide Issue will be held on Sunday August 25th ,1:30 pm IFN banquet hall.As this is a Lake County issue, neighboring congregations will also be invited. Please see the attached flyer and attend.

Editor's Note

The IFN Community Chronicle for the month of July 2019 and August 2019 was compiled by Sadia Thiryayi. If you would like to share any community achievements or celebrations , please email Sadia Thiryayi at sadiathiryayi@gmail.com