My life plan

By:Ricky Gomez

my job

im choosing to be a police detective because i want to solve stuff not just get there like first responders that doesnt know whats going on.

my job pays 90,150 yearly and a monthly income of 7512.25

you can have any degree but if you have more knowledge you will get paid more

my college!!!!!!!!!!!

my tuition cost 10,839 per semester but it cost 21,678 for two semesters.

my total tuition to get my degree cost 108,390

the interest rate is 4.69 and cost an extra 33,574.3 to make it 141,964.3

the interest for a two year deferment is 551.61 and adds to the total cost...the total cost adds up to 142,515.91

were i plan on living

i plan on living in a 194,900 and my bank has an interest rate of 3.79 an i pay my house in 30 years for 902.85 a month

my car!!!!!!!!!!

i chose to get a 2010 Bentley because i still had about 2,778.28 so i decided to go big

how much money i have left over!!!!!

after a house and college ive and extra 644.03 to spend on what ever i want.


Monthly Income (Paycheck) $7,512.5

Mortgage Payment Fixed Amount $902.85

Car Payment Fixed Amount $2134.25

Student Loan Payment Fixed Amount $555.61

Utilities 8% $601.00

Food 14% $1051.75

Insurance 4% $300.5

Gas 5% $375.63

Cell Phone 6% $450.75

Clothing 4% $300.5

Entertainment 8% $601.00

Savings 10% $751.25


i realized why people are tight on money sometimes because its hard not to spend it and that if you waste your money your going to end up broke working at subway and living with your parents or worse living next to a dumpster like my cousin.

i didnt have to make any adjustments because i used my money wisely and didnt want a top of the line college or car.

i was scared at first because i was hoping not to be broe but then i realized im not gonna be broke and maybe by the time i apply for the job there going to make more then 90,150.