Nature Swap Quest

Timothy Dietrich

Materials of the Mask

  • two paper plates
  • crayons
  • glue
  • scissors
  • yarn
  • hole puncher
  • tape

Nature Materials

  • six pieces of dried grass
  • dried berries
  • two pine cone scales

The next few things will be about me, my mask and what I saw

Picture of Me and My Mask

The Adventure

While I was wearing my mask, I saw a squirrel, morning dove and a bird's nest!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fun!!!

What I saw while wearing my mask

Neighborhood Nature

How To Make a Sound Track

First you get a app called sound cloud. Then you go outside and record some nature sounds. Next you download your recording on to a computer. Then you have to put it on a website(SMORE.)Last you play the recording:)!!

Dinusha Dietrich

Backyard Nature Sounds by Dinusha Dietrich