Natalia 3rd Grade

3rd- 6 Weeks

It hard to believe we are now starting the 3rd-6 weeks of the school year. This 6 weeks will run through the Winter break and end January 16,2015. The Third Grade Teachers would like to wish you a happy holiday season.

Important Information

* Attendance- Please remember that students are needed in school everyday to ensure they are not missing valuable instruction. Below are helpful tips about attendance. A student who arrive after 8:00 am is tardy and must stop in the office for a tardy slip. A student who is absent will have the number of days absent to make-up missed assignments. Please send a parent/doctor note to excuse absence.

*Communication- It is very important to check your child's planner daily for any communication regarding behavior, homework, or other concerns. Teachers check the planner daily for parent signatures or notes daily. Parent communication is encouraged please feel free to communicate through the planner, through e-mail, or set up a parent/teacher conference.

*Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS)- Natalia Elementary school is using an online behavior system to track student behavior. Students can earn and lose points based on behavior. Students begin each day with 100 points. Students may gain points for exhibiting behavior that goes above and beyond.Students may lose points for exhibiting negative behavior. Once a student loses points they have opportunities to regain points. Students must maintain 500 points every week in addition to having no write ups in the planner to be rewarded with the end of 6 weeks movie reward. Students who reach 550+ points will earn lunch in the classroom with the teachers weekly.

* Important Dates

November 24-28 Student/Staff Holiday

December 16 Progress reports

December 18 Holiday Theme Day (look for information coming soon)

December 19 Christmas Program (look for information coming soon)

December 19 Christmas Party (look for information coming soon)

December 22- January 2 Student/Staff Holiday

January 16 End of 3rd 6 weeks


Students ended the 2nd-6 weeks beginning to multiply. We looked at four strategies that assist students when multiplying. This 6 weeks we will continue to multiply and begin learning about division. Students will be using these operations to solve one and two step word problems. At the end of the 6 weeks period we will work on Data analysis. It is our goal to assist the students to make flash cards to use over the winter break, please have your child practice multiplication facts as much as possible.


In Unit 3 "Reading to Discover – Expository Text" we will examine the structure and features of a variety of expository text to establish a purpose for their reading and writing in order to increase comprehension and more clearly organize their thoughts and gain meaning. Please remind your students to bring their library book EVERY day.


In Science students will explore different forms of energy, including mechanical, sound, light, and heat/thermal, as they are used in everyday life. Students also investigate forces, including pushes, pulls, magnetism and gravity, and their effects on the motion of objects. Students will show and observe how position and motion can be changed by pushing and pulling objects to show work being done.

Social Studies

In unit 06, Historical Heroes, we will be learning about heroes in the past and consider their effect on the present. We will be learning about historical and contemporary individuals who exemplify good citizenship, examples of community changes that have resulted from individual or group decisions, and how individuals can be heroes in the community.

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