A Pile of Laundry

Claire Qu

Oh Claire Qu,

Would not take the laundry to.

all the washers in the house,

then hang them, even just one blouse!

She refused every order,

her parents gave when they were at their border.

Soon enough the room was full,

Of cotton, polyester, and wool.

It pushed through the walls,

CRASH! In seconds it falls.

stinky socks poured onto their porch,

used underwear stacked as tall as a torch.

As time ticked, the pile grew,

almost as big as a forest of bamboo.

stained t-shirts reached to New York,

While jackets of all sorts dragged to a farm of pork.

Pesky pastel pajamas pushed out to Peru,

Claire finally pursued her parents view, but it was to late to

Now kids don't break the rule

be like Claire and you'll cry a pool