The Penn is more mighty than the sword.

New Wales?

In 1681, King Charles II of England owed 81,000 to Sir William Penn. As payment the king granted 40,000 square miles to the son of William Penn(also named William Penn) under the Great Seal. Penn originally named the territory New Wales, however, a member of the council objected and the king names it Pennsylvania in honor of the admiral
Our biggest city, Philadelphia is a greek term meaning 'city of brotherly love.' When William Penn arrived in August of 1862, he made a treaty with the Levi Lenape people. The treaty was to purchase a grant of land from these Native Americans though there was no law requiring him to do so. This led to peaceful relationships with the Native Americans that are near us. Because of the peace, many different groups are attracted to Pennsylvania and soon after our inception we saw how this affected our great colony. Very quickly there were many small self contained towns that spoke different languages and practiced different religions. Everything isn't harmonious in Pennsylvania, people live wherever and however they want; people do whatever they see fit to make money. Also, we believe that God placed 'inner light' inside everyone, however, the Assembly passed a law recognizing slavery here. We know it to be a cruel and inhumane practice that conflicts with our moral beliefs. Everyone still agrees that this is much better than England. Come and visit.

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