Wrangler Wrap Up

A Weekly Glimpse into Wally Watkins Elementary

June 1- 5

Goodbye Mrs. Teamann, hello Mrs. Perkins!

Mrs. Teamann will be heading to Whitt Elementary as principal next year (yea!) but a familiar face will step in as Assistant Principal! Mrs. Perkins, former Wrangler teacher will be stepping in to take care of these Wranglers!

(Personal aside: Thank you families for letting me be a part of your Wrangler world this past year, it has been a blessing and I hold very dear these Wranglers of yours! Next week will be very bittersweet!! Mrs. Teamann)

Wow! Our LAST parent wrap up!!

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Important dates next week!

June 1: CAMP awards given throughout the day

June 2: Academic Awards 2nd grade 7:45, 3rd grade 8:45

June 3: Academic Awards 1st grade 7:45

June 4: Academic Awards 4th grade 8:30

June 5: 9:00 Kinder awards/promotion

Friday is our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! Early release!! Students dismissed at 12:30!

Stay current with all of our Wrangler Ways!

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