Come to Georgia!

Come to Georgia to start a new SAGA!!!

Georgia: A Land Of Opportunity
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Georgia includes a variety of landscapes from mountain ranges in the North West and Rolling Plains with rich soil as you travel South. Georgia is the perfect place for everyone. You can live in a comfy cottage home or a large house. There is plenty of land for sale. If you come now we are giving out very generous land grants and the first ten years of rent will be free. This gives you a chance to start your new saga even if you are not wealthy.

Economy for a Better Life

Our economy is on a upward slope. We are mainly an agricultural based society. You can plant a lot of things because if our wonderful soil here. In Georgia we have an option to have slaves, but if you decide to take slavery as your choice, we have laws saying that you have to treat them humanely. The economy in Georgia will continue to thrive with or without slaves, because we but we also trade meats such as beef and pork. If this doesn't work, we always have the coast for fish. This will allow our people to survive even if there is a drought or a storm.
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How We Started

At first our humble colony, was just land in between South Carolina and Florida. It was made as a place for people with debt to start a new saga. This is because Georgia has a very friendly community. Our founder was James Oglethorpe, he also wanted to stop attacks between the English Colonies and Spanish Florida. Georgia was put here as a barrier.
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A Government for Everyone

Georgia's government is set so that everyone has an equal amount of rights. We allow any men of age to vote for representatives who will listen to their interests to help the colony strive. Everyone has a voice in our government.


Georgia is not only home to Catholics, but Puritans and Protestants alike. We also have many African Americans and a few Native Americans as well. Our colony is very peaceful, and there are no fights between any groups of people. We respect the Native Americans and we live in harmony with them.

Why We are The Best Around

We have the perfect land to grow your crops, and because we were the last colony to be founded, we learned from the others mistakes. If you feel like starting a new saga you won't be alone. Our colony is the only one that is receiving funding from England. This shows that England thinks Georgia will become the best of the best.