By: Charlie Price

REVIEW by Logan Owenby

After school and practice Nikki is gone and , Murray is talking to his friends you cant see. Mystery needs to be solved. Thoughtful, clever and great book to read.

Their is two main characters in this book. Murray is a kid who talks to the dead. He tries to find this voice he never heard before in the cemetery. Gates is a officer that usually investigates. He is trying to find this missing girl Nikki. Nikki isn't the main character but she is a cheerleader.

Do you like a book with mystery? If so read this book. It was like a play to me. You read different parts one second you Murray the next you officer Gates. Would I change anything, no because everything fell right into place. What do you think happens in the end?

Charlie Price

Charlie Price graduated from Stanford in the late 60’s and has lived in Italy, New York City, Oakland, and Mexico before settling in Northern California. His thirty-five years of experience working with adolescents ranges from teaching in street schools in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, to group therapist on locked psychiatric units, to Academic Dean in therapeutic boarding schools.Charlie published his first book, Dead Connection, with Roaring Book Press in 2006.