Southern Pines Elementary Bulletin

March 6, 2015

Math Night

Math night was a huge success! Thanks to Mrs. Randles for organizing a great evening and thanks to all the teachers and staff that worked together to make it a great event. I have heard so many positive comments from parents and families.

Monday Professional Development

Monday is a PD day. You may work in your classrooms beginning at 8 and then head over to Union Pines in time to stop for lunch and still make it on time. Remember that the elementary part of the session on Monday begins at 12:30. The following was in the email sent out about the session.

Your teachers will also need to bring a laptop or iPad to the conference. While parking should be plentiful, we do ask that you encourage carpooling. Teachers should report to the front lobby to sign in. Please note that teachers have a 30 minute window to sign in before the start of their first session. There will not be an opening session for this event. As always, we are appreciative of your support and look forward to this day of learning!

Chess Club

The chess club party is scheduled for Monday March 23rd after school. Students must return permission slips to Coach Randall to attend. If you have any questions about who should attend contact Coach Randall.

Parent Guides

The MCS IDI team is close to completing curriculum guides for parents. At the last district leadership meeting it was announced that the target date for putting the curriculum guides online was March 31st.

Kindergarten Entry Assessment

Even though we don't have kindergarten I think it is important for you to know that beginning in 15-16 the state will implement the Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA). Kindergarten teachers in our district will receive training on the assessment this month.

Snow Days

The make up days for days missed will be April 9th and April 10th. Year round folks also have the option of April 13th. If you missed time and want to use time worked before or after school you may do so by emailing me the date and times. If you missed any of the snow days you were charged an annual leave day. By choosing the makeup options above you will have the day returned to you.

Scene Around Campus

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