5 Ways to improve your memory!

Improve your studying with these simple tactics!

Rule Number 1- PAY ATTENTION

No matter how tempting it is always study without music, the TV, your phone, and sometimes other people. In order to learn you have to focus on whats in front of you, and you don't want to be around distractions.

Rule Number 2- Be Structured and organized

When you are organized your life will become easier, and it will improve memory of what you are doing. Plan when you are studying and avoid last minute cramming. Memories are structured in groups, so it helps if you do something similar with your work! It's best to put similar subjects or work together and work your way down your list!

Rule Number 3- Use Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonic's are a way for you to remember something by comparing or placing it with something else. These will help you recall items when you are working. For example "Every good boy does fine." This is used to help students remember the order of musical notes. You can make your own, and use them to help you, like writing a song, or phrase to help you. They do best when you can relate, or ones that are humorous.

Rule Number 4- Get some Sleep!

Sleep is very important especially for teens. Teens should get around nine to ten hours of sleep a night. Sleep also helps us strengthen our memory. DO NOT stay up all night to study, you wont remember the information as well!

Rule Number 5- (Last but not least) Practice makes perfect!

If you need to remember vocabulary words or the parts of a plant, you need to practice them! You most likely wont remember everything on your first try! Set time aside everyday to practice things, and use all the information above along with it. These guide lines will help you better remember, and learn!
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