Life Events

Ashley Bittinger

Eardrum burst.

When I was in first grade my left ear popped while I was sitting in class. I told Mrs. Steever that my ear hurt so she sent me to the nurse's office. The nurse then called my dad because she noticed that something looked wrong with my eardrum. My dad then came to school and picked me up and we went to the hospital in Henderson. At the hospital they told me that my eardrum had burst and that I needed to see a specialist for surgery. This impacted my life because my ear was never the same again.

Ear surgery.

After I went to my ear specialist at Bryan LGH in Lincoln, they told me that I would need to have ear surgery. Since I was only in first grade they said I had to wait a couple of years to have the surgery. In third grade I had my ear surgery for the first time. In order to do the ear surgery, they had to basically cut the skin by my ear and lay my ear on my face. The doctors said that they fixed the eardrum and I wouldn't have to have another surgery again. This impacted my life because I now had a scar that was going to be on me for the rest of my life and I also had hope that my ear was going to be fixed.
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My mom.

During November my mom went to the doctor and they told her that they might have found something cancerous. I immediately got scared and I thought the worst. I became sad and I also became very close to my mom during this time because I didn't know how much time I would have left with her just in case she did have cancer. She then went to the doctor again and her test results came back negative. My mom texted me that day saying that she didn't have cancer and I was extremely happy. This impacted my life because I realized how short life is and that you can't take any day for granted because you never know when your last day might be.

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When I was little I was pretty close to my grandpa. We would go outside and watch the airplanes go by and I always thought he would be around to see me grow up. Then in first grade I found out that he had a bad case of pneumonia. He was sent to the hospital and we would visit him all the time. One day my dad came come and he came up to Jordan and I and he was crying. My dad told us that my grandpa was no longer with us and that he was in heaven. This impacted my life a lot because I didn't get to know him that much and I realized that people that I love a lot will eventually die even though we don't want them to.