by: the person on the title

About me

I am 10 years old and I live in Kansas. I live with my mom, Lisa, my dad, Scott, my sister, Danika, and me! Things I like are drawing, math, origami and sports. I want a dog and my favorite color is maroon. When I grow up I want to be a car designer. The sports I play are baseball, basketball, football and wrestling.

My Goals for this Year!!!

No. 1 to be the best at math that I can be this year on tests and homework at school.

No.2 to meet new people in our grade and hopefully become friends with them at school.

Why I Want to be a Car Designer?

I want to be a car designer because I love cars and drawing and what do you get when you add drawing + cars ... THAT'S RIGHT! A car designer! So it basically combines two of my favorite things into 1 job!!!

My Favorite Song

My favorite song is Radioative by Imagine Dragons. It has been my favorite song all summer. Whenever I hear it in the car I tell my mom to turn the volume up all the way, but of course I ask her nicely.

Radioactive-Imagine Dragons


I love anything that has to do with folding or drawing, but in origami there is no tape or scissors involved unless you want to secure something or speed anything up.

How to Make a 16-Pointed Ninja Star (Shuriken)