Rosewood Elementary

Extra Physical Education

Winter Olympic Games

This is Mrs. Anderson (extra Physical Education teacher). We have had such an awesome year so far. My students, your children, have done such a great job with their body management routines over the last couple if weeks.

I am very excited to announce for the month of February we are going to have our very own Rosewood Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics only come around once every four years and has been a great way for athletes to compete for their country. It is a great honor for many different people to participate in the Olympics.

For the Olympic Games, athletes take an oath promising to take part in the games, respecting the rules and having good sportsmanship for the glory of the sport. They focus more on the process and not the outcome. Just to be able to take part in the events is a great honor. My hope for our students at Rosewood is to model the Olympic creed and motto through out the Winter Olympic unit. Each student will draw a country the first week of February and will practice and compete for that country (combining scores across all grade levels). Students will learn about their country and we hope that they will begin to get excited about following their country in the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Students will also learn about the different sports in the Winter Olympics and compete in modified games in PE class. Students will be expected to follow the Olympic creed and oath.

Students will also focus on academic areas like math, science, social studies and reading comprehension! Just ask them how and what they are learning!!

This will be a great experience for my students and we want and need your support and excitement to help make this a huge success! Thank you for your time and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

What you can do?

I am very excited about this opportunity to introduce students to the Winter Olympics games and get them excited about learning and playing in the games. It would be a great help if you were to just talk to your child/student about their participation in the games and what they did that day! Also it would be awesome if you were able to allow them to watch part of the Olympics (online at or or on television).

Thank you so much for your help and look forward to seeing the things your child/student will learn!