Grace and Courtesy

Our Petals and Roots

The Visible and Invisible

If you visit the Children’s School or Chater School, you’ll see these terms artfully displayed: grace and courtesy. They are also showcased in the virtual tours posted on our website and shared during lottery information sessions. There’s a reason these terms are our foundation and forefront. There’s a reason they anchor us so we can adapt and flourish. Read on to discover more about the visible and invisible signs of grace and courtesy practiced at Island Montessori School. Like our concrete and abstract learning, they are our protected and treasured petals and roots.
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“The satisfaction which they find in their work has given them a grace and ease like that which comes from music.” Maria Montessori The Discovery of the Child, p. 87

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It’s Our Mission

The Island Montessori School mission specifically mentions grace and courtesy as a guiding model in our environments. These words are synonyms, evidence of the interconnectedness and interdependence of the Montessori Method, like our mixed-age levels and cosmic education. Our school community enlivens our mission statement, from stewarding our spaces to honoring each other’s uniqueness to giving ourselves the mercy to make mistakes. Gracious and courteous behaviors are cultural norms at IMS. Simply, we love grace and courtesy!

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Concrete and Abstract

At Island Montessori School, grace and courtesy are dually concrete and abstract. Like beautifully visible petals, grace and courtesy are guided through lessons and activities (e.g., quietly closing a door, venturesome service learning) and structured behaviors (e.g., walking around floorwork, waiting your turn). Like invisible yet sturdy roots, grace and courtesy are implied through self-directed small and large actions (e.g., saying hello, consoling each other). Also, adults genuinely participate as gracious and courteous models. Grace and courtesy are our petals and roots -- concrete and abstract.
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As our petals and roots, grace and courtesy are prominent features of Island Montessori School. Treating oneself, others, and our environment with respect and kindness are cherished overarching traditions at IMS. We practice these traditions through lessons and activities, classroom routines, and genuine acts of caring. Concrete and abstract indicators of grace and courtesy proliferate at IMS.

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“The grace and dignity of their [behavior] and the ease of their movements are the corollaries to what they have gained through their own patient and laborious efforts.” Maria Montessori The Discovery of the Child, p. 94
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2021-2022: Year of Roots

Each school year, Island Montessori School (IMS) focuses on a school-wide theme. This year, IMS is reflecting upon our roots: our school mission and Montessori practices. You can join us by visiting the school website and reading the head of school's newsletter and instructional coordinator's academic blog.

Island Montessori School

The mission of Island Montessori Charter School is to enable children of diverse backgrounds to learn and grow at their own pace by offering a developmentally appropriate and challenging academic Montessori environment that models grace and courtesy and fosters a peaceful community of lifelong learners.