Autism Syndrome



The genetic disorder that I am researching about, is Autism. I choose this disorder, because I have always had an interest on this disease, and wanted to find out more information about Autism.

What is Autism?

Autism is the result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on normal brain function. That means the brain develops differently and makes it hard to interpret certain things. People with Autism have trouble with communication and social interactions.
What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?


The signs and symptoms vary widely. Some of the symptoms include: having trouble understanding a meaning of a word, doing the same thing over and over again like saying the same word and having trouble adjusting to change.

Cause of the disorder:

The cause of Autism develops within the brain, which affects their social ability and communication. There brain develops in a different way then the average brain. Many researchers have tried to find out if Autism is a mutation, they have finally come up with something. They identified that more than 100 genes are mutated in children with Autism. At least 30% of Autism is caused by mutation.

How is the disorder inherited?

Autism is both genetic and chromosomal disorder. Researchers are still finding answers if it's sex linked or autosomal. Autism affects chromosome 15. About one and every 10,000 babies are born with too few or too many genes dealing with chromosome 15. About 80% will have autism dealing with chromosome 15. Autism is known as a dominant gene.


This disorder is treated by a lot of therapy, which includes behavioral management therapy, cognitive behavior, speech and language,joint attention, nutritional, and occupational therapy. The medication that they allow them to take are risperidone and aripiprazole.


There are not any medical testing for Autism, but Physicians and Psychologist have them do a behavioral evaluation. There are genetic counseling for autism to find out if your child has Autism before they are even born.
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Population effects:

Autism is four to five times more common to boys than girls. Many people find out their kid has autism is the first three year's of the child's life. It has nothing to deal with your location.

What I discovered:

I discovered that Autism occurs in the brain, and that guys get Autism more frequently than girls. I also didn't know that they have no medical testing on Autism.

Pedigree of Autism

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A Day in the Life of a Child with Autism at The ELIJA School