City By The lake Campout

Review of The Campout

The October 11th 2013 Public campout

A chilly, sunny, Saturday evening The Colony hosted a public Campout. This Campout was a very fun thing to participate in because they had a Haunted Trail, Hayride, Bonfire, and a movie at the end of the night. Some great features this event , was that they had great hot chocolate and was Family friendly. Now this campout didn't only end at night, in the morning there was breakfast being served which was a Bacon and Egg burrito or for another choice there was a cereal bar which all was great. This event attracted many people from DFW area. A great thing that the city benefited from this was the funds raised by having to by a tent spot along the lake for $30. Since there was a great amount of people The Colony earned over $1,000. This great, safe, social family event was a great activity.


Chick-Fil-A is lacoted in city near you.

After Earth ( the movie )

This movie takes place in the future. Humans have destroyed mother earth after hundreds of years pollution . Since earth was inhabitable people needed another planet to live on and scientist , with all of the technology , made multiple spaceships to transport people all around the wourld to the new , and supposed to be safe planet. this stories hero is Will Smith (the best ranger) who is one of the only people alive that can face the enemy on the new world . Jaden Smith plays Will Smiths son and is a young but talented man who wants to be a ranger like his father. Now is jadens first year to become a ranger and he hopes to pass his first time. Jaden fails only because he is too young and wouldnt be able to handle the missions. his Father then decides to take his son on a mission that happens to be a major mistake ...