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Ava J

About Me as a reader

I love to read and I enjoy reading realistic fiction. Some things about me as a reader are...

- my favorite book that I have read is Hidden

-my least favorite book is Finally 12

- I like paper books better than online books

- I normally get my books from Barnes and Noble

-The summary of the book usually draws me to the book

-I hate cliffhangers

- I think books are relaxing and fun

-I love funny books!:)

-I enjoy reading on rainy days!

-I LOVE to read!!!

Latest blog

I just finished a book called Hoot I loved it because it expresses me as a reader. Some times when I read I don't pay attention to the book but this time I really enjoyed taking time to read the book. On school nights I read about 25 to 30 minutes , and on the weekend I read about 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes when I read I think about my own life and how the book relates to it.

My Interests

My Favorite Books- Hidden, Hoot, Heaven is for Real, Counting by 7s, Eight Keys, Because of Winn Dixie

My favorite Authors- Chris Colfer, Augustus Stevenston, Marcel Prins

Epic Reads

Epic reads is a organized site that can help with book recommendations and is a easy site to use.
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