The Sydney Opera House

By Jessica

The sydney opera house


Some people think that the opera house looks like many diffrent think house like waves,shells,boats or the Harbour. In the Sydney opera house there is five theatres and it is on Bennelong point. There is 1 millon tiles on the roof and they are creamy white

The Competition

The government made the competition for the best design of a building of the Sydney opera house. It was for somewhere to do plays,dances and music. The person who won was Jorn Utzon.

The Building of the Sydney Opera House

they thougt it would take 7 years to build the Sydney Opera House but it took them 16 years to build. they thougt it would cost 7 millon dollers but it cost 102 millon dollers to build the Sydney opera house.they started building the Sydney opera house in 1995.

The opening

The Sydney opera house was opened by Queen Elizabeth II.