If you light a candle in one color (without perfume) and one of another color(with perfume), which will be completed before?


The candle is a block of wax with a wick in the of middle of the candles. The candles give off light and sometimes heat. It was also used as a method of keeping time. Wax is a block of chemical compounds mixed together to make the wax. There are two main chemicals used to make the wax Paraffin wax and Beeswax. A wick is usually made of braided cotton used to burn in a candle or an oil lamp.The wick of the candle influences the burning of the candle. Candle wicks are also made out of either the braided cotton or the wick could be rolled in bees wax. There are many different kinds of candles like jar candles that you can use in your daily life. Floating candles can be put in a pool or a water source if say you want a romantic evening. Outdoor candles are candle that you use outdoors and they are bigger candles. There are also birthday candles that are colorful and usually very skinny.Before electricity candles were the main source of light and used as heat for homes or buildings. Its also used for giving off a scent in a room and its used in case of an emergency.


The white candle without perfume will burn faster because the color candle has more chemical products.



For this experiment we took two colors of candles: white and pink, then burned them until there was no wax in the white candle. It took three trials to try and do this experiment and to get a good amount of results to compare. The white candle in all three trials burned faster than the pink one. The comparation of time in the three trials has been the same. In minutes it would be: 38 minutes 46 seconds and 25 milliseconds for the white candle and red would be 52 minutes 36 seconds and 32 milliseconds. There's only a little difference

What actually happened is that the white candle did burn faster than the pink candle. This experiment has been a success because all our theory ( the hypothesis ) has been as the result of the experiment.