Onondaga lake industries

Emilie76 Victoria83

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things going into the lake

there was the metro system,and people dumping their waste in onondaga lake. Also people were throwing trash and resicables in the lake.

jobs at onondaga lake that was polluting the lake.

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this is a pitcher of the sewage flowing into onondaga lake.

people could have pervented it by making it flow into a system that cleans the water and not dumping it into the lake.

honywell international predecessors

honeywell international predecessors were dumping all there waste in onondaga lake wich creates these white platfoms thats garbage and sewage waste. wich is polluting the lake all over

The lake today

The honywell people are cleaning up the lake today.

They will hopefully be done in 2016.

what i did at onondaga lake

what i though was the most fun was when we were catching the fish. i caught a carp that was 15 cm long.