Session 3 2015/2016

Dear Parents,

We have just completed our third session of peacemakers. Today I introduced the five point scale to the students. The five point scale is a simple way to rate the intensity of ones emotions. The scale looks like this:

1- I can handle this.

2 - This might make me feel uncomfortable.

3 - This could make me nervous.

4 - This can make me mad!

5 - This can make me lose control!!

We had a deck of cards with different scenarios and the students rated the intensity of each card and then we discussed it. There were many similarities and quite a few differences between students. We problem solved by using the "calming tools" key ring which has 24 simple ways to calm yourself down when you are emotional. Next week we will continue to practice ways to calm down when we feel 3's, 4's and 5's on the five point scale.

As always, your children were respectful and enthusiastic.

Kind regards,

Kelly Medvin