Demetria Buie

Mother, Entrepreneur & Author

Who's that Girl?

Demetria Buie Dorsey is a 32-year-old wife and mother of one. Though she grew up in a small town in Louisiana, at eighteen, Demetria moved to Richmond, Virginia, seeking a chance to better her life.

Demetria has experienced a wide and harsh variety of hardships, having been at one time or another homeless, unforgiving, depressed, and suicidal. All along, she has had to cope with the realities of her extremely dysfunctional family.

Mrs. Buie Dorsey was a junior high drop-out, but this never stopped her—she always kept pushing on. At 23, she earned her GED and began attending John Tyler Community College, studying acting. All of this was accomplished in the midst of hurt caused by fake family and friends, resulting in a forced move to a group home. It was these trying circumstances that fueled her passion to write her first book, an autobiography called Refuse To Lose. In 2014, Refuse To Lose would be self-published as Dorsey’s first published work. In it, Dorsey shares her journey with the world, revealing how God held her hand through it all and carried her past her darkest storms.

Demetria now works as a life coach, as well as teaching praise dancing to young girls. She also has a women's empowerment magazine called "Empowering Women To Speak Out”, which helps women learn to love themselves and let go of yesterday’s pains. As an independent author, she has 16 books under her belt. She's currently working on her newest project, a Christian novel titled The Day I Said Hello I Should've Said Goodbye.

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Refuse To Lose...

In life, we all go through obstacles, but it is all about how we handle them. Come with me on this wonderful journey and life-changing experience. "Refuse to lose" will teach you how to not give up; but to love; care, and forgive yourself. The hurt, pain, abuse, rejection, molestation, and suicide you may have experienced CAN be overcome.

You can be released from the hidden bondages that seek to destroy your self-esteem, your confidence, your freedom, and your ability to unconditionally love yourself, your family, and others. Forgiveness is the key to unlock the door to freedom from all of the negative things you have experienced in your past. The things we hold on to inside of us can never be healed. You have to release it. Refuse to give up. Refuse to accept failure. Refuse to be a victim. REFUSE TO LOSE...


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Did you know that Demetria has an women's empowerment magazine called "Empowering Women To Speak Out”, which helps women learn to love themselves and let go of yesterday’s pains?