Week of July 16th, 2018

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Joshua Congress now open to all YOUTH LEADERS!!! Space is limited! Register now to save your spot!

Please fill out your flight info via the link below if transportation is needed. If your itinerary has changed, contact Tr. Lâm at See YOU soon!!!

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Purpose of Joshua 2018:

  1. Meet and connect VEYM leaders from across the United States and from different levels (Chapters, League of Chapters, Regional, and National).
  2. Provide information and update VEYM leaders on the administrative and training changes in the VEYM.
  3. Present on the direction that VEYM is heading.
  4. Discuss and provide feedback on VEYM's activities, administration processes, and training.
  5. Discuss and provide feedback on the training of Team Leaders and Assistant Team Leaders.
  6. Elect the National Executive Committee, 2018-2022.

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As we wrap up the summer and soon to begin a new academic year, the National Executive Committee invites you to submit your request for the Weekly Gospel Booklets to be shipped to your Chapter. While donations are accepted for the Booklets, they are at no cost to the Chapters to order and use. Please complete the short request form below by Midnight Pacific Time, July 21st, 2018.

As previously announced, the Word of God is Truth, as such, it is imperative that all Chapters/Đoàn teach the Weekly Gospel to the youth weekly during VEYM/TNTT meeting times as a part of the Student Curriculum (Chương Trình Thăng Tiến Đoàn Sinh). The newly edited and graphic enhanced Weekly Gospel Booklets are designed to assist Chapters to achieve this goal. Through out the year, the National Executive Committee will also host Benchmark Assessments and Competitions to motivate and encourage full participation from all Chapters. If your Chapter has yet to implement the Weekly Gospel initiative, you're invited to begin this ASAP.

For questions, please email


repose of Joseph Maria

Please join us in praying for the repose of Joseph Maria Phạm Đình Cường from Đoàn Các Thánh Tử Đạo, San Jose, CA - Miền Tây, who was called to His Creator's Kingdom on July 16th, 2018. Almighty Father, source of forgiveness and salvation, grant eternal rest upon him and let your perpetual light shine upon his face. Amen.


Jul 19-22nd, Southeast Region SM C1 0238 | Rạng Đông 41, Charlotte, NC
Jul 19-22nd, Southeast Region SM C2 0029 | TN | Đuốc Hồng 11, Charlotte, NC
July 26-29th, Joshua Congress, GA | Bầu Cử Ban Chấp Hành Trung Ương
Aug 2-5th, Southwest Region SM Cấp 1, Long Beach, CA

Aug 9-12th, Mid-Atlantic Region SM Cấp 1 & 2, Quantico, VA
Aug 9-12th, Introduce VEYM to Multicultural Groups/Communities, Quantico, VA
Aug 9-12th, Central Region SM CI 0237 | Dấn Thân 19

Aug 9-12th, Central Region SM C2 | TN | Tin Yêu 16
Aug 31-Sep 3rd, Northwest Region SM CI 0239 I Lửa Hồng 24 | Mossyrock, WA
Aug 31-Sep 3rd, Northwest Region SM C2 0131 I NS|Damas 2, Mossyrock, WA

Aug 31-Sep 3rd, Southern Region SM C2 0030 | TN | Vươn Lên 35| Kerens, TX
Sep 5th, BNHTU Meeting - 4th Quarter

Sa Mạc Huấn Luyện in 2018

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