Rafael Marquez

Biography by:Socorro R

Early life

Rafael Marquez is a Mexican soccer player.Known as Rafa Marquez.He was born on February 13,1979 in Zamora,Michoacan,Mexico. His fathers name is Rafael Marquez Esqueda. His mothers name is Rosa Maria Alvarez.When Rafael Marquez was 13 he had joined the team atlas de Guadalajara.At age 17 he started to play on the professional teams. He is defender, well known for stopping forward for the other team scoring a goal.He is a very good defender for his team.

Personal Life

Rafael Marquez is professional soccer player.He was married to a women named Adriana Lavatt.There marriage did not last very long.They had gotten a divorce.There marriage lasted from 2003-2007.They had two kids together.There names are Santiago Rafael Marquez and Rafaela Marquez.Rafael is now married to women named Jaydy Michel.They had gotten married Janurary 4,2011.They have no kids yet.They still are married today.


Rafael Marquez has played soccer his whole life.In 1999 he went to play for the team as Monaco.He was named best defensive player of the year.He has also won many tournaments with the Mexican national team.In 1999 he helped the Mexican team win the confederations cup.In 2002 he played Korea,japan and in Germany 2006.In 2003 he won the golden cup.Also in 2003 he joined Barcelona in Spain, with Barcelona he won two Spanish championships.He also helped Barcelona win the European championships.Also in 2006 he scored an important goal against Argentina during the world cup Germany in 2006.He was the captin for the Mexican national team.Although he is defender he also scores goals for his teams.



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Rafael Marquez by Arturo Contro

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