Constitutional Convention

Info on the Convention


In 1787, Representatives from all of the current colonies, besides Rhode Island, and this was held in Philadelphia when the Constitution of the United States was framed.

Virginia Plan

The Virginia Plan was brought up at the Constitution Convention and was based off ideas from James Madison. It called for a central government to be divided into three branches, Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial branches; each branch would have the power to check the others. A strong national government with the power to make laws, levy taxes, and control interstate commerce.

The New Jersey Plan

What was it?

A rival plan to the Virginia plan, a strong central government with three branches, but stayed close to the articles of confederation. The delegates from the smaller states thought that the Virginia plan was giving to much power to the large states.Each state would get one vote with equal representation regardless of its population. This plan rejected at the convention.

Virginia Plan supporters

Written primarily by James Mason, but the plan was proposed by Edmund Randolph on May 29, 1787.

Famous supporters of the New Jersey Plan

Was brought to the Constitutional Convention by William Paterson on June 15, 1787, he was a New Jersey delegate.

Problems at the Convention

Tempers flared when the New Jersey plan was denied, couldn't decide on if slaves should be property or other property, to divide power into three branches or one president, and whether judges should be chosen by executive or legislative. When these decisions were being made it seemed as if the convention was falling apart.